The Tarot, the Book of Thoth, with its Arcana rich in Wisdom. It is a collection of symbols, images, colors, names, and numbers that conceal an ancient practice and esoteric art, comparable to the personality of Hermes Trismegistus, the revealing god of truth and mediator between humans and gods.

They are consulted to understand the role one can have in a certain situation, as well as to better understand certain aspects of personality and behavior, and consequently to weigh relationships built in the environment in which one lives.

Those who seriously use tarot possess the special and necessary intuition to help unlock where structures get stuck, where explanations and problems are difficult to define; these people are able to interact and act as mediators, thanks to the symbolic scope of the Tarot, between emotional aspects and facts that go beyond all that is rational.

Tarot cards have a long history, which according to some began in Ancient Egypt; for others, the origins are lost in the mysteries of the Kabbalah, then taking shape in medieval courts and continuing, allegory after allegory, to the present day, passing through France, through the libraries of the great occultists of the nineteenth century, and through countless schools of thought.

But now stop wasting precious time, you must save your soul from the Baron.